My Story

Cybersecurity professional based in Atlanta, specializing in the Risk Management Framework, Penetration Testing, and Reverse Engineering. I help secure systems which comply with the latest Federal Government standards. Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, I’m happiest when I’m playing computer games, participating in bug bounties and hacking competitions, watching true crime documentaries, going on hikes, and playing with my pet cats: Milo & Bridget.

What I Do

Penetration Testing

Attempt to identify vulnerabilities and exploit them. Based on currently available open-source intelligence (OSINT). Utilizing operating systems such as Kali Linux, and tools such as nmap and Metasploit.

Risk Management Framework

The Federal standard of information security frameworks. The RMF process provides guidance for the creation of information security policies and procedures across your organization. I can help you identify any requirements, and help you implement them through the RMF process.

Cybersecurity Consulting

I can help you create or streamline your cybersecurity policies & procedures at any level, to better suit the needs of your organization, and help your company improve its information security posture.



2015 - 2017

Master of Science: Cybersecurity

University of Maryland (Global Campus)

Areas of Study:
Advanced Cyber Exploitation and Mitigation Methodologies
Digital Forensics Technology and Practices

2010 - 2011

Bachelor of Science: Information Technology Management

Areas of Study:
Information Technology Ethics
Project Management

2004 - 2006

Associate of Science: Computer Programming

Areas of Study:
Object-Oriented Programming
Programming in C, C#, Java, HTML, PHP, SQL



CySA+ (CompTIA)


Security+ (CompTIA)



Full-Time Experience

July 2016 - June 2018

(System Security Engineer)

Designed secure systems for the AWACS E-3 Sentry aircraft. Work with integrated product teams, and coordinate work schedules for delivery to customers. I facilitated teamwork by communicating effectively. I helped write and review technical requirements for compliance with a variety of Federal standards and policies. I supported peer reviews of deliverable artifacts to the customer, communicated with project stakeholders, briefed upper management, and hosted customer tagup meetings. Worked through contract requirements tailoring, NSA CSfC & NIAP processes to get systems accredited for initial ATO through the RMF process.

June 2018 - Present

Georgia Technical Research Institute
(Information System Security Officer)

I implement security into information system security requirements for my assigned accredited systems, and enforce continuous system compliance with accrediting organizations. I also monitor information systems and maintain the environment of operation to include system security plans, system configuration changes, audits, vulnerability assessments, continuous monitoring, and analysis of any impacts to security. I also assist with cybersecurity awareness training for new system users, and manage the user lists and current certification status to stay compliant with DoD 8570 requirements.

Side Projects

2015 - Present

Hacking Competitions

2015 NSA CyberSprint Challenge (48h CTF - Placed Top 100)
2015 Hack the Pentagon
2016 Hack the Army
2016 NSA Codebreaker Challenge (Round 3)
2017 NSA Codebreaker Challenge (Round 4)
2019 NSA Codebreaker Challenge (Round 4)

Currently Working on...

Optimizing & streamlining the penetration testing methodology. Aggregating automated tools & API endpoints of open-source intelligence websites to populate a meta search engine.


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